Monta Vista Computer Science Club
Dedicated to teaching, inspiring, and enabling students interested in computer science


MVCS enables you to take your computer science skills to the next level. If you have taken an MV course such as Java or APCS but want to go to the next level, then MVCS is for you. Whether you want to become a web developer, a game designer, an algorithmic programmer, or pursue other fields, there is something for you in MVCS.

Awesome Lectures

Each week Wednesday at lunch in room E203, we lecture on a new and interesting topic, ranging from Cryptography to Spam Filtering. We optimize for topics that are outside-the-box, have practical applications, yet are easy enough to write code for right off the bat without needing much prior experience. All these lectures fit into a broad monthly topic.

This Month's Topic: Image Processing

Kitchen Image

Edge Detection Code

Edge Detection Solution

Lectures from Previous Months

Searching, BFS, and PageRank

Genetic Algorithms

Python Web Crawler Code (python to run)

Genetic Algorithms Code

Monthly Contests

We have monthly contests based on the concepts we cover in Lecture Day. Prove that you've been paying attention by applying these concepts to real life problems! You can win prizes and demonstrate your understanding of computer science.

This Month's Contest: TBD Opens March

Read problem description here.

Algorithms Day

Do you want to specialize? If you are interested in algorithms or math, consider attending Algorithms Day (Thursday After School) . We'll teach you how to train for prestigious computing competitions such as USACO and ACSL. We've had an impressive success rate so far, producing 9 USACO Silver medalists and 2 USACO Gold medalists (out of about 200 worldwide). You will be coached by former USACO nationwide finalist Nikhil Cheerla.

Work Day

Alternatively, attend Work Day (Thursday Lunch) if you want to explore computer science further, through areas such as web or app development. On Work Day, you can get Java or APCS homework help, work on monthly contests, or learn about development. We will teach about concepts such as collaborating on code using Git/GitHub, HTML/CSS/JS, and multi-platform app development. If you want to learn, get CS help, or simply chill, Work Day is the place for you.

Links & Resources


  • Spell check contest!

    Due by Friday, October 9

    This is the first contest of the year, so show off your coding skills! Your task is to create a spell check (use Bayes' Theorem!!!) and feel free to use the powerpoints for reference. Send your finished program to with the subject line: Spell Check Contest. Good luck!


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